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The only flower delivery company that sends arrangements overnight, including large oversized luxury experiences, and you pick the flowers you want.

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It makes some of the most beautiful arrangements I've ever seen, and the flowers lasted for weeks. Business Insider

I know, you’ve thought of flowers already. Hear me out. Floracracy’s bouquets, which are made from local blooms based on a questionnaire, include a personal letter (with prompts to guide you along)—because to hear how much she means to you is all she really wants anyway.

Yes, it was expensive. But my mom loves her flowers. They look almost exactly the way I expected them to. And that’s a welcome (and worth it) surprise for both of us.

Premium, personalized arrangements with access to custom blooms and messages, including various styles for every special occasion. Customize it yourself or let them customize it for you.

Floracracy tells you what each bloom means, so you can build a meaningful bespoke bouquet.

Happiness Guarantee:
We deliver what you designed. No surprises. If you aren't happy, we'll replace or refund your order to make it right.

The Only Flower Delivery Company For

Meaningful and specific

Want to order birth months flowers or use the language of flowers? Pick flowers for their meanings, style, or special memory. We never swap flowers.

Unique but shipped

Want a florist quality that can support you across the US? Customize in minutes right on our website or work with our live concierge team.

A letter that’s real

People HATE cookie cutter cards, especially sympathy ones. We’re the only company that sends a real letter, which our team can help you write.

When to Use Floracracy

  • To send birth month flowers for your birthday flower gift

  • You want a real letter and custom bouquet for sympathy flowers

  • You want to use the language of flowers

  • You send flowers all around the U.S. but want the personal touch of a luxury florist

  • You want to recreate a special bouquet

  • You want beautiful packaging with linen wrappers and velvet ribbon

  • You have a large marketing campaign and need to send custom pieces across the US

  • (current clients include CAA Sports, Brizo Faucets, Christina Perri, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and more.)


  • You DON’T want to be embarrassed by a bouquet with flowers you didn’t order.

Why Send Floracracy

Favorite Stories

Wedding Congrats

Minimalist Look


My Condolences

Whimsical Look


Mom's Birthday

Bohemian Look



Minimalist Look


Saying Goodbye

Garden Look


Merry Christmas

Minimalist Look


Thanks Mom & Dad

Garden Look


Thank you

Bohemian Look


In Their Own Words

How We Ensure The Best Flower Delivery

  • The ONLY place to pick your own flowers
  • The ONLY cooled box on the market
  • The ONLY place for sending large luxury experiences