4 Tips to Make Your Floral Gifting in the Workplace Personal and Successful


Tip 1: Order so that it’s thoughtfully convenient 

Make it really easy to open it in the office or take it home. That means make sure the order has a vase so the recipient isn't digging through cubicles looking for a container. With so many people working from home, this matters less. However, even for people at home, most people have only a few vases, and you want to be sure that saving the flowers doesn't become an all-day activity. 

Tip 2: Pick unique flowers that are personal 

Flowers are one of the most appropriate gifts for in a workplace setting. They offer even more value, though, when they are also personal. As Laura Jennings, founder of Knack, says in Forbes Magazine, “C-suite executives are especially impacted by a gift that tells a story and facilitates a deeper personal connection, which 94% of top executives believe is important to business success.” 

How can you tell a story in flowers? You can select flowers that capture the meaning in a letter. The flowers can also be native to a special place, such as a place you visited together or that is personal to the individual’s life. You might also pick flowers that are in season or that capture the person’s style, such as a certain look and feel or even a color the person seems to wear or enjoy a lot. Our Floracracy software of course allows you to do this at a very personal and beautiful level. You can also find a lot of this information through searching the web. 


alt= "Bohemian arrangement from Floracracy in a gray living room"

Image: A Bohemian-styled arrangement from Floracracy. 

Tip 3: Confirm where the person is now working 

With more people than ever working from home, it is important to confirm where the person is located prior to ordering.  Is the person remote now or coming into the office? Are they traveling? Call an assistant or send a slightly unnecessary email to confirm a person's location before sending it. 


alt="dark blue Whimsical Floracracy arrangement on a white desk"
Image: A Whimsical-styled arrangement from Floracracy in the home office. 


Tip 4: Consider office size when selecting the flowers

You want to be sure that you select an arrangement that work well in the person’s space. Flowers are a wonderful addition to a workspace. They lift the spirit and lessen anxiety and depression. Your gift will make more of an impact if the recipient can easily position it so that it can be enjoyed. 

If a person has a small office (or workspace at home), you don't want to go too big. A small posy is actually just right for the person to enjoy the flowers while plugging away at work and life (Need an idea? Any of our Tussie Mussie collection will work really well for this). If the person has a larger office or home, then you can totally scale up if the budget allows.

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4 Tips to Make Your Floral Gifting in the Workplace Personal and Successful