Three Unique and Elegant Gifts in 2020 for Friends Who Love Flowers

Our flower lover friends are lively, loving, and very dear to our hearts. For those friends who enjoy grand floral installations and floral decor, we look endlessly for magnificent and stunning gifts that speak of their creative and thoughtful design skills. And, for those friends who appreciate the language of flowers and the symbolism that inspired ancient rituals and myths more, we hope to gift meaningful and sentimental florals that still live up to their elegant nature. Here are three ideas for curating meaningful and stunning florals all in one gift that will be sure to please your flower lover friends this holiday season. 


1. Gift a Floral Meaning to a Friend 

As a unique gift, select a floral meaning that most resonates with a friend and what he or she has experienced that year. If she had to demonstrate a significant amount of hope, name her year the year of the iris (meaning hope). If she’s achieved a lot, name it her year of the chrysanthemum (for success). You might gift her the flower or something with the flower on it. You also could simply send her a note telling her that this flower represents to you the year she’s had. It will be an invitation to her to explore and discover more deeply your gift to her. 


2. Write Personalized Notes 

As we focus on thoughtful ways to connect with friends, letters exude a sense of class and upscale gifting that still feels appropriate for 2020. We human beings crave and need to hear words that tell us we’ve been valued. In fact, the human body actually interprets positive words with the same change in body temperature as if someone had hugged us. 


alt="holiday letter writing"

Holiday letter writing


3. Select Gifts That Focus on Textures 

Honor the sentiments and unique times with darker shades of leather, linen and other natural textures. For floral gifts, think about burgundies and lavenders over reds, or deep corals instead of traditional oranges. These colors will resonate with the season while they also honor the unique nature this year.


alt="linen wrapped gift"

Linen wrapped gift with red globe amaranth 


Whatever type of flower lover our friend is, these gift ideas that focus on floral details will be both meaningful and stunning. In particular, the details will display all the thoughtfulness and personalization that went into the planning and execution of the gift, and it will surely be memorable for anyone who admires unique florals. And, though the fresh flowers may not last forever, the friendship and consideration through a gracious gift can be conveyed in a personal note to be framed or kept in a special place for many years to come.   

Here are more resources to get you started: 

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