How to Make a Thank You Truly Personal and Sincere

From the time we are small, the importance of thank you cards is referenced and encouraged.  (This first line doesn’t have anything to do with the first paragraphs … needs to be deleted or modified)

That was the field of exploration of a study in Science Daily called “Secret to Giving the Perfect Gift: Stop Being Afraid” that found people, especially nervous gift givers, think that they’ve hit the mark when they get something that matches a person’s taste. We pat ourselves on the back for remembering that Aunt Judy likes cooking, and we get her the newest hand blender. Practical, solid, and will last. Perfect gift, right?

Not necessarily. The aforementioned study found that many individuals prefer gifts that have sentimental value over ones that purely preference-match. This means that while we think people might like the jersey of a favorite team because that’s their personal taste, what many actually find most valuable is something that has meaning and sentimental value, like a thoughtfully-written thank you card

How to Sound Personal 

The biggest way you can display a sense of the personal is through sharing something specific. The trouble with many thank you cards is that they are not specific enough. If I write to someone and say, “thank you for your services or for being my friend,” it’s nice but it can feel like a template, generic, or simply not nearly as impactful as is possible. 

Details are like evidence. They make a statement feel real. If you tell me you’re grateful, that could mean a lot more if you say you’re grateful because three weeks ago, you sent me a text that really helped me get through my day.  My brain has a visual. I’m taken back to that moment. These very clear positive words (that are about me and only me) will change my body temperature to mimic human touch. This transformed physiological state does many good things for my brain, especially when it comes to curbing loneliness.

How to Sound Sincere 

Sincerity comes through by having the courage to simply be yourself. If you are a person of few words, it’s important not to feel like you have to go against this with a long message. If you swear, swear. 

If you’re not sure how to be sincere, the most powerful way is to follow this process: 

  1. Begin your letter by telling the person where you are. We know that can seem strange, but it gives context. It makes you real and visually engaged, and this immediately has a sense of sincerity that is truly authentic. 
  2. Share a specific example or story in your own voice. Along with building this personal connection, sharing this message creates a sense of vulnerability. 
  3. Answer this singular question: why is that story important to you? Is it because the person gave you time, and you know that’s something that they have in short supply? Is it because you were moved to tears? Is it because you laughed so hard you forgot about cancer for two minutes.  The answer is important because it is uniquely yours. 

The Best Flowers to Send with a Thank You 

People love sending flowers with thank you notes for a few really important reasons. It’s not another thing that’s just going to fill up space, and they're beautiful, like any act worth “thanking'' is.  They also can visually capture what you’re trying to convey because they themselves are a symbolic language, one that’s older than the written word and universal to the human experience. 

Here are our favorite flowers to send with a thank you. 

The Garden Profile from our Profile Collection—for a small gratitude gesture

The Profile collection is where you can pick one flower to add to an arrangement, which changes in alignment with seasonal flowers. The Garden Profile uses lots of roses, which have a lot of meaning around gratitude.  It’s small enough to sit next to a desk or couch, making it a perfect addition to the gesture of a letter. 


The Beatrix or Louise—for a more modern style preference

The Beatrix and Louise are a modern shape with clean lines and a tightly-bound structure. It is one of our most popular and very stunning. As seen in Vanity Fair. 

The Chloe—for the more bohemian look


Our Tussie Mussie collection blends at least flowers and stunning foliage into the perfect table top piece. These mid-size pieces allow the full wow experience while still being very versatile. The Chloe brings hints of eucalyptus and a beautiful blend of tropical elements with mediterranean and garden florals. 

The Juliette 

For moments when you want to go big and really get a point across, we recommend the Juliette. Wild in shape but leveraging classic florals, this arrangement is beautiful and impactful. 

If you aren’t sure what arrangement to use, or how to write your thank you note, Floracracy offers full concierge support at no additional charge. Call, message, or email us, and you’ll be assigned a personalization specialist who will help you complete your letter and pick the right arrangement to send based on the person and budget. 

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