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Five Ideas to Make Your Holiday More Elegant and Special in 2020 with Flowers

Whether you're looking to decorate your home in a meaningful holiday manner or hoping to be more thoughtful in your gifting this year, here are five ideas on how to do just that. As the only online flower company to offer personalized arrangements designed to a person's style or to share a message through the language of flowers, Floracracy's founder shares her top holiday tips for florals. 
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The 9 Best Flowers and Colors for a Special and Elegant 2020 Holiday Season

Whether you're going for a more traditional holiday look, or a design that is entirely unique and based on meaning, here are the 9 trending florals to include in your holiday decor in 2020.
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Three Unique and Elegant Gifts in 2020 for Friends Who Love Flowers

If you're looking to gift a meaningful and elegant gift to a friend who admires florals as much as we do, here are three unique gift ideas that they'll find memorable. To add an extra special touch, include a thoughtful letter with a personalized message or story tying in the floral meaning into the overall sentiment of the gift.