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Five Ideas to Make Your Holiday More Elegant and Special in 2020 with Flowers

Whether you're looking to decorate your home in a meaningful holiday manner or hoping to be more thoughtful in your gifting this year, here are five ideas on how to do just that. As the only online flower company to offer personalized arrangements designed to a person's style or to share a message through the language of flowers, Floracracy's founder shares her top holiday tips for florals. 
Three Ways to Make the 2020 Holiday Special and Safe for Your Family

Three Ways to Make the 2020 Holiday Special and Safe for Your Family

Carefully select the theme of your holiday season with these 3 unique ideas. Inspired by our own love for meaningful occasions and connections, we offer suggestions on what details and trends to focus when decorating or gifting in 2020. This article features insider tips on the top colors, flowers, and meanings you should follow to successfully create meaningful holiday message to share with everyone from your grandkids to your clients. 
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How to Turn Your Holiday Centerpiece into a Meaningful Gift for the Whole Family

What are the meanings you want to convey this holiday season? One of the most unique ways to bring in the meaningfulness in 2020 is to build a special centerpiece that includes the florals with meanings you'd like to express. Here's how you can design a giftable centerpiece to share with the whole family in four easy steps.