The 9 Best Flowers and Colors for a Special and Elegant 2020 Holiday Season

In 2020, traditional holiday decor cannot speak to the weight and experience that’s on the hearts and minds of those you love. The year is too big, too different, too leaving us wondering about 2021 to enter the holiday season with any of the same expectations. 

People are looking for intimacy, meaning, and more than anything, a sense of guidance from those they admire. 

For those shaping the tables around which families and friends will gather, we’ve curated a floral palette that uses meanings and colors that reflect the season. By following these design suggestions, you’ll use your floral selection to create a visual design that is more meaningful. 

Holiday Colors for 2020 

Instead of focusing on orange and brown for Thanksgiving and red and green for Christmas in your florals or bold blue Hannakuh, consider burgundies, lavenders, gray-blues, deeper rose pinks, and corals. These colors reflect the color trends of the season, but they do something more: they give a unique entry point for holiday experiences. 

Burgundy is especially powerful for the holiday season over red. Red has long symbolized love, especially passionate love. Burgundy evokes a deeper love, one that goes beyond words and traditional romance. Its intensity and sense of beyond the ordinary speaks to the season this year. 

Blues and lavenders hint at strength and wisdom, which will provide stability to your design and surroundings for your family and guests. Both are calming and relaxing colors when placed in the home, and blue is particularly known as a trustworthy color.

The Color Palettes We Most Recommend Then Are:


This color scheme features a blend of burgundy, green, and white flowers. These hues pair well with the traditional Old World design, and are ideal for homes filled with antique decor and natural wood finishes. 

alt="Old World Design in Bertrand Color Scheme"

Old World design in Bertrand color scheme



Displaying elegant and sophisticated hues of pink, gray, and burgundy, this look is especially popular in the Garden design, which includes various florals with romantic meanings.  


alt="Garden design"

Garden design in Cora color palette 



This palette is a blend of varying cool shades of purple. It particularly makes for striking contrasts in white or beige rooms, and ties well with Bohemian-inspired rooms. 


alt="Bohemian design in Orul color scheme"

Bohemian design in Orul color scheme 



This bright color scheme showcases yellows, bright reds, and corals. It is warm, comforting, and homely. This color palette is especially popular in the Minimalist design, which features exotic flower selections such as the protea. 


alt="Minimalist floral design"

Minimalist design in Jo color scheme

Flowers We Recommend for 2020 

There are a variety of flowers that would look wonderful and would send a thoughtful message this holiday season. However, this curated list of florals includes only our favorites based on meaning and uniqueness. Choose any of the florals below for a stunning selection for any holiday centerpiece or arrangement design. 


Antique pink roses 

Meanings: you made home into a loving place, gratitude 


 alt="antique pink rose botanical"



Blue irises 

Meanings: hope, rainbow 


alt="blue iris botanical"



Lavender roses 

Meaning: mystery, love at first sight 


alt="lavender rose botanical"



Red or White Anthurium 

Meaning: wishing happiness to a home, hospitality, love, willingness to adapt 


 alt="red anthurium botanical"



Tulip (consider burgundy tulips, blue tulips or orange-hued ones) 

Meaning: pure love 


alt="blue tulip botanical" 



White or Red Snow berries

Meaning: to bear together 


alt="white snowberry botanical"



Orange or Yellow Fritillaria 

Meaning: power, elegance, beauty


alt="orange fritillaria botanical" 



Scabiosa (we recommend using burgundy or blue ones)

Meaning: admiration 


alt="burgundy scabiosa botanical"


Pink, Red, or Amethyst Astilbe

Meaning: commitment, “I’ll still be waiting” 


alt="pink astilbe botanical"

Choosing a color palette that stands for the message you hope to convey this year is more significant than ever. How we curate our tables and holiday events can offer the hope and conversation those you love most desire. Whether it’s grown children worried about the futures of friends needing a break from caring for others, selecting a floral that brings them more than the ordinary creates a moment of wonder in their lives. 

If you want to learn more about our design looks, click here.

To order using our suggested hues, visit our exclusive holiday design track here.

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