The Magic of Your Own Personalization Specialist

With the holidays coming, the quest for the “right” gift is on the minds of many.  And while modern culture largely agrees that socks and ties are not going to fulfill the dreams of many, few really know what the best alternative is.  In fact, most of us are not confident gifters. 

That was the field of exploration of a study in Science Daily called “Secret to Giving the Perfect Gift: Stop Being Afraid” that found that people, especially nervous gift-givers, think that they’ve hit the mark when they get something that matches a person’s taste. We pat ourselves on the back for remembering that Aunt Judy likes cooking, and we get her the newest hand blender. Practical, solid, and will last. The perfect gift, right?

Not necessarily.  In fact, this study found that many individuals prefer gifts that have sentimental value over ones that purely preference-match. This means that while we think people might like the jersey of a favorite team because that’s their taste, what many actually find most valuable is something that has meaning and sentimental value

Learning this can be overwhelming in a time when we’re already overwhelmed. 

And, it can be liberating, inviting us to use gifts as an opportunity to do something so many need and desire: to actually tell people of the gift that they are. 

How to Know When Someone Needs or Wants Something Other than Just Another Gift 

While it’s undoubtedly true that every human can benefit from the power of positive words shared with them, there are some individuals for whom the desire is profound. Here are the top situations and individuals where truly personal gifts are the most significant. 

  • Moms. Floracracy surveyed mothers and found that while 90% of mothers value receiving letters and personal experiences over gifts, over 41% never receive letters from their children.
  • The lonely. Despite the sensation that we’re more connected than ever, loneliness is rising, especially among youth and the elderly.  That being said, 40% of Americans report feeling lonely, which is considered deadlier than cigarette smoking. Key signs someone is lonely include: Inability to connect with others on a deeper, more intimate level, no close friends, self isolation, feeling alone even in the presence of others, negative feelings of self-doubt or self-esteem, and burnout or exhaustion.
  • The wealthy. When you have everything, the one thing you can often feel you don’t have is people who like you for you. Money means you can buy yourself any gift someone might give, except intimacy and authenticity and joy. If you gift this, you’ve given a gift that’s priceless, that which cannot be bought no matter how much money you have. 
  • Someone who touched your life this year. Being grateful is a gift that goes both ways. The benefits of investing in thanking the people who’ve impacted your life are profound. 

Floracracy VESSELS Make meaningful experiences out of Gifting

Once you’ve made your list of people for whom you want to think outside the proverbial gifting box, it’s now time to ask what you actually should gift? Research points to two things people want: 

  1. Your words:  In studies, people were found to value positive words about themselves higher than money so much so that when they received those positive words there were  changes in their body temperature that mimicked human touch.
  2. Sentimental gestures: When people didn’t want the traditional gifts, they wanted items that were sentimental and experience-oriented. 

Floracracy VESSELS are the only gifts that combine your words and an experience that is symbolic and meaningful. 

How Your Floracracy Personalization Specialist Will Transform How You Gift 

Finding our words, or knowing what to pick for someone, can often deter us from taking the beautiful leap into meaningful gifting. This is why we offer you a Floracracy Personalization Specialist from our Concierge Team. Your specialist is trained in the art of letter writing, and they will leverage our powerful software to create an experience that captures the recipient's unique style preferences. They know how to ask the right questions to inspire the right stories that are within you. They will help you find the words you always wanted to say but never could. 

The process is very simple: 

  1. If you are ordering on the website, simply opt for FREE letter writing concierge support on the letter page. Someone will reach out to you in 24 hours. 
  2. We now also offer phone support. You can call (815) 324-3331, and the concierge team will be available to support you. 
  3. This service is offered free of charge to you and includes our 100% happiness guarantee as always. 

Along with helping you with your letter, your concierge member can advise you on the right flowers to send. Everyone has their own personal style when it comes to flowers, and we’ve lost it in the way we purchase flowers today. Here at Floracracy, we can help you again make the sharing and gifting of flowers a personal and meaningful experience. No premade cookie-cutter pieces, yours will be uniquely designed to capture the person’s style, just like the letter it’s meant to capture. 

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