Departs from conventional terms to
embody beauty, charm, and femininity.

You’ll love it if

  • You love traveling and searching for eclectic finds.
  • You love Anthropology-inspired furniture and decor.
  • You enjoy unique textures, patterns, and global influences.

Top flowers to love

This look combines a mix of exotic and local flowers from Australia, Japan, South America, Asia Minor, South Africa, and China.

Favorite color schemes

The Bohemian is characteristic of its monochromatic or harmonious color schemes that feature shades of pink, coral, and violet. It can also display a more complimentary feel with darker tones like burgundy and rose that demonstrate its exoticness.


Oftentimes, this look demonstrates asymmetrical and symmetrical options. Shapes often include an over-sized cathedral, teardrop, spherical, or crescent.

When to use

Due to its eclectic combination of flowers, this design look is ideal for an exotic centerpiece. It can also be an ideal gift for someone who is artistic or lives an unconventional lifestyle.

When not to use it

  • For people who like clean and organized lines.
  • For people who like functional and conventional designs.

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