Here’s Everything Included in Your Order

Every arrangement comes with a vase and floral accessories. Hover over each to learn more.


Cloche 1 3/4” DIA x 4/3/8” H A vial and holder to save some petals, making a design item for the home. The holder is made of salvaged wood and is polished by residents of a local shelter.

flower food

Flower Food 2 5/8” DIA x 3” H A keepable jar of flower food that will last for at least 6 additional flower purchases you make. This jar is crafted of thick Italian glass and a coperchio wood lid.

arrangement & vase

Vase 7 1/2” DIA x 14” H A handcrafted vase that is personalized with interchangeable colored rings.


Scissors 3 3/4” L A pair of gold scissors in art nouveau design that the recipient can use to help open the gift.

story journal

Story Journal 4 1/4” W x 5 3/8” L A handcrafted journal that is 16 pages long and contains your message to the recipient, information about the flowers, and extra pages for their own notes.