Our Team

Every story is meant to be told.
We would love to help you tell yours.

CEO + Founder

After developing a theory of peacebuilding at the University of St. Andrews, which won her a pick of 2 seats for PhDs at Cambridge in England, Sarah-Eva changed course and set out to find a real-world application for a big idea: that if we were better at telling each other our most important stories, we could feel less lonely and be more at peace.

After planning flowers for her wedding and her grandmother’s funeral in the same 10 days, Sarah-Eva started reading about the incredible impact of flowers on people. This started an idea for a little company that would help brides talk about flowers.

But when her florist friend in Somalia was murdered because he believed meaningful flowers were the key to change, Sarah-Eva set out to create a new kind of experience in the online floral space that turned what’s become a cheap commodity into a meaningful way of sharing the stories that matter the most to us.

Our Team

We are story writers, in-house designers, and creatives here to support you in crafting meaningful floral experiences. Our shared passions in the language of flowers and unique designs are what makes our floral works stand out in a world of premade online arrangements.

As artists and trained professionals in our fields, we are dedicated to quality, to thoughtfulness, and to creativity in order to bring you the most meaningful flowers yet. We believe in the ritual of storytelling, and that flowers help us share our words and feelings at the most critical moments in life, even the critically simple ones that happen when we least expect it.

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