We use the Design Compass, which outlines the 6 key floral styles that are possible within floral design.

Old World

The Old World design look offers a traditional feel with its harmonious color palette. Featuring mass flowers native to Europe or the Mediterranean, they make full use of unique foliage and berries blending for stunning textures. Often, these foliage frames become a second arrangement unto themselves.

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The Rustic design look evokes the “close to home feel” and is not overly romantic. Often smaller in size, it is a simple arrangement with natural, earthy tones.

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Displaying tall and stocky flowers, this design look is magical. It speaks of everything playful and fun. And each flower is associated with fairy-like and whimsical meanings.

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The romantic aura evoked by this design’s big flowers is its trademark. Many flowers in this look have romantic or tragic meanings.

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The Minimalist features only a few exotic flowers that creates a feeling of wealth, luxury, and beauty.

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This look is an arrangement of naturally-mixed flower varieties. Its style departs from conventional terms to embody beauty, charm, and femininity.

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