The #1 Way to Thoughtfully Build your Business, or Your Money Back

Your instincts to thoughtfully gift in business are powerful. As Laura Jennings, Knack Founder, said in Forbes:“C-suite executives are especially impacted by a gift that tells a story and facilitates a deeper personal connection, which 94% of top executives believe is important to business success.”

Flowers have been shown to make people feel happy. And personal letters create the physiological sensation of connection. By combining these two experience in flowers that tell stories, Floracracy delivers the most meaningful gift you can give in business.

At Floracracy, I help you create and send arrangements that share a personal message through floral symbolism. Each is a masterpiece of design. Each comes with a guarantee that if you’re not happy, we’ll refund you 100%.

Each Order is Uniquely Designed

And Always What We Send

Whether Designed for Style, Meaning, or Both

A Beautiful Letter Shares The Story

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In the words of the former


“1-800-Flowers, Teleflora, FTD, all billion dollar companies. None of them — not one — can do what you see here: actually show the customer exactly what they are sending. It’s so simple, but in an industry that has become incredibly commoditized and sterile, Floracracy has brought back the emotion, the heartfelt sentiment.” - John Higginson, current CTO of Groupon

How to Get Started

For You

Design an arrangement in your style for your home or office.


For Others

Make people feel like they matter with a personal story told through flowers.


Meet Me

Meet me, Sarah-Eva, the founder of floracracy.

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here’s the standard I Hold Me To

"The flowers were a hit and we would love to work with you again."


  • style: rustic
  • flowers: tulips, hyacinth, ranunculus, snapdragons, veronica
  • palette:
  • meanings: a mediterranean-themed love letter for someone who loves traveling to the region

"STUNNING! It's beautiful. Truly. Thank you. Your platform is amazing and after that experience, I wouldn't want to order from anywhere else."


  • style: boho
  • flowers: ranunculus, protea, calla lilies, anemone, astrantia
  • palette:
  • meanings: calla lily - magnificent beauty; astrantia - our star; ranunculus - charming; anemone - anticipation; protea - transformation

"Score! She was so happy she was almost crying during the voicemail."


  • style: boho
  • flowers: calla lily, anemone, dahlia, astilbe, bridal protea, veronica
  • palette:
  • meanings: dahlia - travel; calla lily - magnificent beauty; astilbe - commitment

"sorry -this whole one: Score! Cheryl called Gail and me after delivery. I was at an event so couldn’t answer. But she was so happy she was almost crying during the voicemail."


  • style: rustic
  • flowers: queen anne’s lace, asters, scabiosa
  • palette:
  • meanings: queen anne’s lace, asters, scabiosa

"The flowers are breathtaking! Thank you so much for capturing my style. I love it! Will be singing your praises tomorrow with guests. Gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!"


  • style: boho
  • flowers: roses, lilies, dahlias, anemones, ranunculus
  • palette:
  • meanings: an arrangement as someone celebrates achievement and change:
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Sent Dead Ones Before? Not Here

Flowers start to die the moment they leave a temperature of about 45 degrees. We ship all of our flowers in a refrigerated box so that they aren’t cooking for a day (aka dying) before they arrive.

Revealed: Here’s what I Hope For Us

Did you know that some of the big flower companies assume that your experience will be so bad, you won’t buy again for 24 months. That’s literally built into their business plans.

I’m not in this to get you to buy from me once. I want to prove to you that I can help you send thoughtful gifts to anyone with less stress, worry, and time. That’s why:

Buying Online Now


Pre-Made Arrangements

pre-made examples that you can scroll through and select.


24/7 Service

Order flowers online at any time.



Meaningful Arrangements

flowers uniquely designed for a person’s style or message.


Personalized Expert Advice

We can guide you to the best design, and our suggestions get better with each purchase.


Personalized Unique Shapes

We’re the only company where you can order personalized unique shapes and styles online, like ikabana.


Convient Personalized Account

where you can see exactly what you’ve ordered for whom (and rank how well it was received).


Concierge Support

answer only 3 questions, and we’ll send you ideas to approve. Only pay then.


Easy Communication

handle everything by text and email with your personal designer


Cooled box

We’re the only company that doesn’t let your flowers start dying en-route by not keeing


Flat rate pricing from $155 - $375

free overnight shipping