A few exotic flowers that creates a
feeling of wealth, luxury, and beauty.

You’ll love it if

  • You love simplicity and functionality.
  • You love unique designs that have a useful purpose.
  • You tend to gravitate towards a clutter-free lifestyle.

Top flowers to love

This look is accessorized with varieties that are native to Europe or the Mediterranean, including the orchid, calla lily, andromeda, and rose with minimal berries and seeds.

Favorite color schemes

Triadic schemes especially yellow, purple-blues, and pink. Additional accents include white and burgundy with options to bring in some more blue, green, and grey tones.


The look exhibits the cathedral, teardrop, or spherical shape with little to no foliage. It mostly encompasses various form flowers that determine the overall structure of the arrangement.

When to use

This look is specifically designed for Minimalist homes. Displaying an Ikebana-inspired shape, the form flowers give off a trendy twist for clean, open spaces.

When not to use it

  • For people who love maximizing spaces with decor and eclectic finds.

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