Old World

This look offers a traditional feel
with its harmonious color palette.

You’ll love it if

  • You love stunning foliage, classic flowers, and antique vibes.
  • You love patterned bundles of flowers reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Top flowers to love

This design look gives ode to favorites from the Victorian era. The flowers include Queen Anne’s Lace, Roses, Clematis, and unique tulips. They loved flowers that were slightly odd and unique, like parrot tulips. Each week we highlight seasonal berries, stunning ferns sourced from around the world, and textured leaves that bring out the florals you select.

Favorite color schemes

The trendiest hues are harmonious. Popular colors include burgundies, corals, peaches and pinks to evoke a feeling of warmth and welcomeness. For color accents, yellows, oranges, greys, blues, and lavenders mixed in with foliage mutes the primarily pink array to create a satisfying colorful arrangement.


Old World looks to display lines of flowers with the occasional pattern. They generally feature a lot of loose foliage in the shape of oversized gumdrops and large oblongs.

When to use

These look stunning in grand entryways and foyers if used for interior design purposes. They’re truly elegant if you love to mix vintage decor with contemporary spaces. As gifts, these arrangements are ideal for big celebrations, and are especially appreciated by those who love a classic and timeless floral display.

When not to use it

  • For people who like modern looks.
  • For people who like clean and organized lines.

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