Our Process

Meaningful Personalization Supported by Technology

Floracracy is the first company with a guided flower design software

Focused on style and telling a story to include flower symbolism in your design

We ship in innovative boxes that are cooled to flowers' ideal temperature.

Meaningful Personalization Supported by Technology

Our patent-pending software driven by style. Your unique circumstances are run through a proprietary algorithm to guarantee a style you want.

Our inventory system screens flowers for your design, so if we can’t deliver a particular flower, we won’t include it in your arrangement.

Start Design

Starts with Story and Ends in Style

Hailed by many as their most favorite language, floral symbolism is a blending of voice and beauty. Floral stories allow you to create visual representations of your thoughts, turning what people need to hear the most into something concrete and real and undisputed.

Researchers found that when an individual reads positive words written about them, their body temperature actually rises to the temperature they’d feel if someone were hugging them. And flowers have extensively shown positive emotional benefits such as lifting depression and feelings of isolation.

How we Guarantee Quality

We use a cooling process that avoids the unsustainable nature of ice packets and allows us to keep the flowers at an ideal 38 degree temperature. This process actually leaves our flowers fresher for their production and for the recipient, no matter where they reside in the lower 48 states.

Our liners are made of Michigan non-GMO corn. Use them to start your grill, a fire, or a garden.

And if that’s not your thing, no problem. Put it in your sink, turn on the water, and watch the liner dissolve away.

Our software is the only floral-creation experience that is driven by style. Your unique circumstances are run through a proprietary algorithm that guarantees you get the style you want.