Meet Sarah-Eva

Ten years ago, after trying to plan wedding flowers while caring for my sick grandmother, I decided to reinvent the floral industry. And no, I didn’t know a thing about flowers back then. I was an international security issues expert. 

But I was tired of spending a lot of money on flowers that felt impersonal. It shocked me that you could order roses and someone felt it was okay to send you tulips. And most importantly, I believed that we deeply needed what we’d lost when flowers became a commodity: a way of effectively caring for the emotional wellbeing of ourselves and others. 

So, I built the first software ever to make that happen. And then, to create the kind of experience that I wanted for my customer, we created a company built on radical love.


My Company Vision

Before we opened our doors, I moved my company from sunny San Diego to downtown Rockford, IL where I grew up. It’s an old manufacturing city where courageous people are rewriting their history. We located our company in the old downtown area. We wanted people who relied on our poor transit system to be able to walk to work. We held our first job fair at a rescue mission. I was accused of not giving enough opportunity to those that lived outside socio-economically challenged areas. What I’ve discovered in moving into an urban community is that I receive far more than we actually give. I’m now able to produce a better quality product with inspiring people crafting it.


Committed to Local Sourcing

Locating in a manufacturing city, I committed to being radically local. Our box is made in our hometown. The bases of our memory vials are made by a community at the homeless shelter three blocks from us. And we are sourcing as many flowers as we can locally, including from an amazing farm in a nearby urban housing unit. 

The impact of these choices is huge. Our company keeps shipping costs dramatically low. We also waste almost no flowers, unlike many other companies.


My Sustainable Promise

The floral industry has had a history of not being sustainable. Even after we started to remove chemicals from our food, they were still covering our flowers. Things have improved a LOT over the last ten years, and I’ve taken a stance of continuing to move that forward. 

About 90% of our packaging is recycled and recyclable. Some, like our non-GMO corn liners, can literally be washed away in your sink. Combined with our local sourcing efforts, our vision is an experience that is as good to all as it is to you. 


Donations to Shelters

I am committed to donating flowers and funds to shelters across the United States. As a domestic violence survivor, I believe in the importance of supporting the emotional wellbeing of all.