Our Story

Meaningful flowers start with meaningful choices

Reinvent the online
experience of florals

Committed to being
radically local

Committed to sustainability in
all of our packaging products

Company Vision

Our founder - a terrorist profiler by training - befriended the first florist in Mogadishu, Somalia who believed meaningful flowers could inspire his country.

When he was murdered by terrorists for the hope his flower were bringing, Sarah-Eva shared an interview she had of him with The Guardian.

The subject of the article inspired the youth protesting Mohammed’s death to demand justice, and our founder to bring into the world a company that lived up to his dream.

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Radically Global and Local

We are focused on sourcing from small manufacturers locally and around the world. Our recyclable box is made in our hometown and we are also sourcing as many flowers as we can locally, including from an amazing farm in a nearby urban housing unit.

In 2019, Floracracy moved from sunny San Diego to downtown Rockford, IL, an old manufacturing city where courageous people are rewriting their history. We’re now able to produce a better quality product with inspiring locals crafting it.

Thoughtful Packaging

Beyond creating a bespoke and high-end floral experience, we are committed to sustainability in all of our packaging products. About 90% of our packaging you receive is recyclable, compostable, or reusable.

The wrapper around the stems is made of 100% plant-based and compostable. We use a glassine product that comes from 100% sustainably managed forests and is recyclable. Our box and wrapping around the vases are 100% recyclable and our letters are printed on 100% cotton paper.

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Shelter in Hope

This company started because we watched someone believe so much in the impact of meaningful flowers that he was willing to give his life for it. We think about that every day …

Our product costs more (a reality driven by the quality we share), but it also lets us use this company to do more.

We will be sharing soon what that means going forward. For now, please sign up for our email list to know when we’re ready to announce!

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