Made to be Meaningful

We started Floracracy with the vision of creating a new category of experience to connect people. What did that mean? It's empowering consumers with control and delivering the most stunning physical product.

Personal over Everything

In an industry where everything was premade, our goal was to deliver an experience that felt personal. That meant making the impossible possible: empowering the thoughtful buyer with the ability to personalize a product about which they knew nothing. And to do that with something no other customization platform delivers: a 100% guarantee on the design results. 


Years of Testing to Deliver the Never Done Before

Most flower companies are started in less than a year. That's because they know that no matter what, you'll need to buy flowers for something. Social norms guarantee it. 

To deliver a Made of Meaning product, we had to deliver more. We took five years just rethinking some basic ideas. Does a designer have to create the design? Was there a way to let users do it? Are flowers enough? How can you make it so you know something is aesthetically pleasing? 

The results is our software backed by three pending patents. 


Made to be Meaningful.

Flowers do make people happy. But the thing that actually, chemically makes people feel like someone is with them? The thing that actually can transform a life and relationship? It's your words told in flowers. The old adage about sticks and stones actually isn't true. We process language the way we process touch.

Knowing this, we rebuilt the entire system of flower experience leveraging the ancient symbolism of flowers that allows users to fully experience meaning and language.


Thoughtfully Packaged for a Lasting Experience

Each Floracracy box includes items that help articulate and preserve the meaningful nature of the gift. 

The gift lives long past the flowers, building out a legacy of that moment within life and the relationship.