This look offers a traditional feel
with its harmonious color palette.

You’ll love it if

  • You love the natural feel of hand-picked prairie flowers (and don’t like big bundles of roses or more curated flowers).
  • You appreciate the outdoors and would spend your pastime wandering through the country side’s open flower fields.

Top flowers to love

The Rustic design is known for its clumped flowers and hints of cascading foliage. It features yarrow, cosmos, hellebores, and queen anne’s lace.

Favorite color schemes

This look is monochromatic or harmonious with whites, pinks, burgundies, and creams. You can also see more contrasting schemes. Soft pinks and blues for early summer and oranges and purples as you’d find in a late summer prairie.


This design look comes in all shapes and sizes, but most often exhibits loose open fans so it feels like the flowers are growing out of the ground. They are often smaller in size with unique foliage to add a unique shape, always showing a “naturally picked flower feel.”

When to use

These arrangements bring the natural world to your interior. They also align with the country chic look that is a top 2020 trend. This look blends well with natural wood details that’s full of countryside character.

When not to use it

  • For people who love old world tastes and styles.
  • For people who like more modern styles.
  • For people that prefer a more practical design and approach to life.

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