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Sympathy florals that share a story

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Crafting a Ceremonious Experience Through Florals

Special events happen in our lives everyday. They happen when we make them, when we stop to do something meaningful. What makes a moment meaningful? It’s meaningful when it somehow is greater than what we thought the world might hand us that day. It’s a smile, a note, a word that helps us feel the best of life. The Floracracy experience was a 10 years-in-the-making exploration of how to help you build these meaningful elements into your life and home, all from the ease of your computer.

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Sympathy Flowers to Honor a Loved One

The moments immediately after a loss are a buzz of just getting things done, and then comes the weeks, months, and years of grief and starting a new life. It’s here that the mind quiets, and we start to ask questions. Our flowers let you share stories and memories and love as a letter told in flowers. The visual of the flowers provides something beautiful about the person that’s present in the loneliness, and the letter are your words that stay with them forever.

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