Why Vessels Work

Vessels are the unique experience of positive letters and florals Here’s the research behind why it works.

Personalized letters + flowers that share the things we never share

Change our body temperature to mimic a hug

Actually improves depression and loneliness

Company Vision

Our founder - a terrorist profiler by training - befriended the first florist in Mogadishu, Somalia who believed meaningful flowers could inspire his country.

When he was murdered by terrorists for the hope his flower were bringing, Sarah-Eva shared an interview she had of him with The Guardian.

The title (“I get scared but I’m staying”) of the article was a rallying cry for the youth protesting his death and inspiration for our belief that flowers really can change the world.

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Vessels Create Intimate Moments

In unpublished research, researchers found that when people read positive words written about them, their body temperature actually changes.

Here’s what’s amazing. The temperature is the same temperature the body reaches when one human reaches out to touch another.

We do our own research to capture the kinds of stories and messages people want to best feel this sort of physiological transformation.

Vessels Reflect the Gifts People Want

Gift recipients report feeling closer to the sender when the gift is personalized to be of sentimental value.

This is measured by the gift being made by the person for some emotional reason.

People want and value these gifts more than ones that reflect their personal hobbies.

Vessels Help with Healing

Sharing positive words at times of pain trigger the positive behavior as seen in positive psychology: action over inaction, meaning over despair, resilience over hopelessness.

Flowers also are shown to help people heal faster and also to help with memory and depression.

Combined, this experience rises above the noise to make us feel and believe the things that otherwise seem impossible.

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