Why a Personal Letter

We’re taught that sticks and stones will break our bones, but words will never hurt us. 

That’s just not true. 

Research actually shows that we feel words (of pleasure and pain) exactly as we feel physical sensations of pleasure and pain. Personal words are powerful. One study found that humans would give large sums of money just to see positive words written about them. Another found that a letter sharing personal thoughts about us actually makes us feel physiologically like that person is present.


Why a Personal Design

Look, flowers make us feel good. They lift our mood, they improve depression, and then make us feel less lonely. You can send someone the ugliest arrangement, and they’ll still probably feel these things. 

But when you design it to match someone’s story, or to tell a story, you do something so much more. You tap into a way of emotionally caring for individuals that is beyond mere mood - lifting: you make a person feel seen and remembered. You mirror back to them their story, and their value.


Flowers & Letter: Why Both?

When people think of flowers and language, they think of the language of flowers from the Victorian era. 

That isn't really right. 

When we send flowers that connect with this language, we give what scientists theorize co-evolved to feed our spirit and soul. From the Samurii culture of Japan to the the floral code of the precolonial Bunyoro in Africa, nearly almost every culture in human history has used flowers as a form of language. Now In the past, humans knew this language. You wouldn’t need the letter. Today, our combination of flowers and letters creates the most powerful experience you can give a human.


The Power of Personalized Flowers in Your Home

Our homes are our place where we can go to reflect, heal, celebrate, and form the foundations of who we are-- family, loves, friendships. It’s a physical place as much as a place in our hearts and memories. We believe that flowers are more than just the pop of color in these spaces-- they are the most personal articulations of our styles, stories, memories and loves. When you create a Floracracy box for you, you bring that thoughtfulness to yourself and your family. 

P.S. We live in no illusion that home is a safe space for all. That’s why we donate flowers to shelters, so that they can become a promise for a better future.